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A windowbox lends character to your house and warmly welcomes guests. It enhances any façade and dresses up any street. A windowbox adds color, life and value to the plainest of buildings: it makes a beautiful building better. Your paint may peel, your walls crack, but these little gardens of the sill capture the eye and entertain the passerby. A city street lined with windowboxes is as cheerful as any country garden.

Despite their apparent simplicity, a good windowbox is not easy to install. That is, unless you employ PHILADELPHIA WINDOWBOX COMPANY. We have a wonderful selection of window boxes to choose from and will paint, plant, and install the box of your choice. We will determine the sun and shade conditions of your location and give you a choice of suitable plantings. We will keep your windowbox seasonal, as beautiful in winter as in summer. AND because you are busy we will design your windowbox so that it requires the least amount of care and maintenance possible.

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